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What the media is saying about Chef David Paul...



"..David Paul's whimsical and eccentric food is anything but serene.  I have never seen a dish remotely similiar to his Painted Desert Seafood...While devouring every crumb of his compelling Triple-Berry Pie with tapioca-and-sour-cream crust, I decide that this obsessive, talented chef is certainly headed for stardom..."

-Alan Richman, GQ


"Chef David Paul is a genius with food.  His ability to combine food and spices puts his cooking in a class all it's own."

-Hawai'i Magazine


"At David Paul's-considered by some the best restaurant on's easy to see what all the fuss is about"

              -Chris Rubin, Robb Report


"...the chef has had the kind of success that no one could have predicted.  David Paul's is a don't miss stop on a restaurant tour of the Valley Isle."

-Heidi Yorkshire, Bon Appetit


"The beautiful island of Maui is no stranger to waves.  And these daya, the biggest are being made by the daring creations of Chef David Paul Johnson."

-Food Arts, (in the nationally renowned Illy Caffe campaign ad)


"Chef-partner David Paul Johnson is as adept at Asian inspired creations as he is at contemporary American cuisine..."

-Mimi Sheraton, Conde Nast Traveler



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